21st August 2014: Let's Pretend

Why does time go by so very fast? I recently realised that we have passed the ten year anniversary of the end of the Toybitus web-comic, and therefore LLAP-Goch Productions. That is so crazy.
This got me thinking about the web-comic, all those old toys I used, and some of the things that I may have done differently. One character that definitely would have been in it a lot would have been the Decepticon combiner called Monstructor. That dude was made from six little Pretender robots and was totally badass. Me and my bro owned that toy when we were kids, but one day he took it to his mate's house and it never came back. Nowadays, that toy is one of the rarest and is worth a bomb, and I've always been annoyed with myself that I didn't try to get it back when I was a kid. But back then, I didn't really care.

To make a short, boring story even shorter, I fancied paying homage to Monstructor in some way. I also wanted to try line work in PaintTool Sai, and decided to try and re-create an image of one of the Pretender shells. This is the shell of a robot called Icepick, and according to his bio he's actually very cheerful. Hmmm, looks like it.

I have very much cheated creating this image, as I just traced over the original, but I just wanted the practise. I pasted the original into PaintTool Sai, and used the curve tool to create the lines. Then I threw that into Photoshop, and used shape layers to add the colour. I'm happy with how it's turned out, but it would be nothing like this if I'd done it freehand.

Hope he doesn't pick his nose with those things

Hope he doesn't pick his nose with those things

11th September 2012: The War Is Over

Just finished up Transformers: War For Cybertron, and I have to confess I'm rather unimpressed. Yes, I was playing it on the PS3 with its inferior graphics and controls (GIVE ME MOUSE AND KEYBOARD DAMN YOU!), and have no doubt I would have enjoyed it far greater on the PC, but the game itself just wasn't fantastic anyway. This is a shame, as I've always loved the Transformers, and this game got great reviews when it came out. This is one of those times where I just don't agree with all the hype. It really was bog standard average at best.

Here are my main annoyances:

Here are the good things:

This little review sounds harsh. But it's not. It's the truth. Kinda softens the blow of not being able to get the sequel now.