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7th March 2020: Tab It

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Back when I used to play guitar, I spent most of my time playing along to professional songs, rather than working on my own stuff. Often, I had to work out how to play the songs I liked, as I found a lot of the tabs on the internet were completely crap and sounded nothing like the song they were supposed to be. Some of these tabs, I typed up for posterity, and I've decided to re-upload them here.

These tabs are all downloadable pdf files. Right click the tab(s) of your choice, and select the relevant download option.

When We Stand Together, by Nickelback. Tabbed April 2015.

Get Jinxed, from League Of Legends, by Riot Games. Tabbed April 2014. I play my Get Jinxed tab (Youtube).

Collecting Casualties, by Running The Risk. Tabbed March 2014.

Here Comes Vi, from League Of Legends, by Riot Games. Tabbed December 2013. I play my Here Comes Vi tab (Youtube).

Fly On The Wall, by Thunder. Tabbed August 2013.

Burn It To The Ground, by Nickelback. Tabbed October 2011.

Ring Of Fire, by Def Leppard. Tabbed January 2010.

Too Much To Dream, from California Dreams. Tabbed October 2008.

Low Life In High Places, by Thunder. Tabbed September 2007. Note this is the intro only.

Four Letter Word, by Def Leppard. Tabbed August 2007.

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