29th September 2013: Falling To The Darkness

As we'd been struggling finding new games to play, we tried out some old stuff. First, back on the PS2 there was a Baldur's Gate game called Dark Alliance. While it's a game I finished back then, I never managed on the extreme difficulty. The end boss just killed me over and over. As Scoob had finished it on extreme, we decided to go through it together, confident we could both do it. But it was not to happen, as once at the end we just kept getting murdered, confusing us both.
As we fancied a bit more action RPG, we tried installing Diablo 2, as that is something I've never finished and Scoob's never played. But it just felt so old and bland that we couldn't get into it. Instead, we returned to more recent games and have been playing some Torchlight 2, as well as me finally trying to get through The Witcher. More on those soon...