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6th May 2019

It's been a long while since the story section last had any attention. A while back, I gave up on the idea of ever finishing my Star Wars stories, so instead have typed out a rough outline as to what may have happened during the rest of the saga. I've also expanded the names & characters section with images where possible.

29th October 2017

Did some work behind the scenes of the game blog page so that the game filters now work much better.

30th June 2017

A couple of months back I found loads of old notes about all the old Epic Space Marine games we played, starting from back when I was in high school. I thought it would be a good idea to type them all up as best I could, and upload them all. While I was at it, I also converted the Epic-S and 40K battle reports from their PDF state to HTML, and they can be found on the Warhammer 40K page.

Warhammer 40,000 Battle Reports

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Early Apocalypse battles.
Warhammer 40K 5th Edition, with 4th Edition Apocalypse expansion.

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Orks (Scooby) & Necrons (Gallear) Vs. Mixed Allies (Stebloke & JIK) Orks (Scooby) & Space Marines (JIK) Vs. The Alliance (Stebloke & Chris) Orks (Scooby) & Tyranids (Stebloke) Vs. Space Marines (JIK) & Tau (Gallear) Imperium (Stebloke & JIK) Vs. Chaos & Orks (Scooby) & Necrons (Gallear) Space Marines (JIK) & Tau & Eldar (Stebloke) Vs. Chaos & Orks (Scooby) & Necrons (Gallear)

Unknown Date 2009

Orks (Scooby) & Necrons (Gallear) Vs. Mixed Allies (Stebloke & JIK)

This game was our 2nd attempt at Apocalypse rules. The game featured Orks and Necrons versus a combined force of Marines, Eldar, Tau, Sisters of Battle, and even a mob of traitor Ork Boyz (hereafter referred to as the allies).
The Necrons and Orks did not set up anything on the board to begin with, and the allies raced onto the table to try and take control of as many objectives as possible. On turn 2, both Ork Stompas and a load of Necrons arrived and opened fire, causing masses of casualties among the allies.

Apocalypse Battle 2

The allies attempted to fight back, causing significant damage on one of the Stompas. But it continued to harass the allies until the Sisters of Battle Dominion Squad arrived and let rip with their meltaguns. The Stompa exploded very apocalyptically, taking out most of the Sisters, all 16 traitor Orks bar the Nob, the Howling Banshees, and causing damage to the 2nd Stompa.

By this time the allies numbers were very thin, as the Stompas gatling guns and deff-arsenals had torn through their ranks, but because of the lack of troops on the board for Necrons and Orks, the allies still had a foothold in the battle. This ended when the 2nd and last Necron Warrior unit arrived and took out a lone squad of Tactical Marines that was holding an objective that was way out on the allies east flank miles away from the rest of the action.
The Necrons and Orks won 1-0, and much fun was had.

12th September 2009

Orks (Scooby) & Space Marines (JIK) Vs. The Alliance (Stebloke & Chris)

The third Apocalypse game went much the same way as the 2nd. It saw a troop-heavy force of Imperial Guard, Witch Hunters, Tau and Eldar (now referred to as the Alliance) go against Space Marines and Orks. The Marines and Orks had their entire army in reserve at the start, leaving the Alliance chance to move out and try to get to the objectives. Trouble for the Alliance started when the 1st Stompa used Flank March to arrive right in the middle of their deployment zone, followed a turn later by the second. Other little scraps took place all over the board as reinforcements for both sides tried to help. The Alliance were greatly let down by their 3 Exorcists and a Hammerhead that arrived and attacked the 1st Stompa, as the few shots they managed either missed or did no damage.

Apocalypse Battle 3

It took a massive 6 hours to get through 3 turns, and the game ended there at 1-1. Had it gone on any longer it looked like the Orks and Marines would have taken firm control of the battle, as the Alliance had taken a battering. The craziness of this game inspired us to start tinkering with the Apocalypse rules, adding our own ideas and tweaks.

17th September 2009

Orks (Scooby) & Tyranids (Stebloke) Vs. Space Marines (JIK) & Tau (Gallear)

Just for a laugh the next Apocalypse game was a different beast all together. 3000pts of Space Marines and Tau stood ready to defend an ancient fortress, as a never ending wave of Tyranids and Orks tried to break through and get a Stompa to the far table edge in order to win. Any Ork or Tyranid unit completely destroyed would move back on to the table next turn to pile in to the fight yet again! However, each turn, the Marines and Tau would get a free orbital bombardment.

Apocalypse Battle 4

Initially things looked bad for the Marines and Tau, as their fire was largely ineffective on the Stompa. Things picked up though as the Stompa tried to assault the fortress but ended up just 1 inch away. More volleys of fire hammered into the machine, and the Terminators jumped from the walls to smash it with their power fists. Though it had still only suffered 2 structure points the Stompa's drive was damaged and its driver stunned, seriously hampering its chances of reaching the other board edge.

Apocalypse Battle 4

Still, the fortress walls had taken a pounding, with the eastern most tower collapsing under an Ork orbital bombardment, and the gatehouse finally falling under an attack from a Carnifex. Captain Lysander had revenge, as he lobbed a Vortex Grenade into the onrushing hordes, which swallowed the Carnifex, the Ork Battlewagon, and a load of Burna Boyz and Genestealers.

After playing for as long as we could, the Ork and Tyranid attack had stalled at the walls. The defenders had taken heavy casualties but they had managed to successfully defend the fortress.

31st October 2009

Imperium (Stebloke & JIK) Vs. Chaos & Orks (Scooby) & Necrons (Gallear)

Since the last battle, the Apocalypse forces had been re-inforced. The Chaos forces had received a traitor Baneblade and Shadowsword, and the Imperial forces had recieved a Shadowsword and a scratch built Warhound Titan!

Most of these new monstrous units got a chance to strut their stuff in the next Apocalypse battle. 3000pts of the Imperium's finest squared off against Chaos, Necrons and Orks, and for the first time we used our house rules stating at least half of the army must start the battle at the beginning of the game.

The Imperial army won the dice-off for first turn (both teams had bid 3 mins), and the opposition failed to steal the inititative. The Warhound opened up the battle with fire from both of its turbo-lasers, wrecking the Chaos Baneblade before it could even fire a shot. The rest of the Imperial force opened fire, penetrating the armour on the Stompa and traitor Shadowsword several times, but each time they passed their primary weapon saves.

The enemy counter attacked, wrecking the Vindicator, blowing up the Leman Russ, and causing masses of casualties among the Imperium's troops. A Bloodthirster of Khorne materialized and charged into the Warhound, causing damage to the machine but not enough to drop it.
The Necron Warriors advancing on a central objective proved a great thorn in the Imperium's side as they passed their We'll Be Back rolls time and again due to the Lord in their ranks.

Captain Lysander deep-striked into the fray with a full unit of Terrminators, but took a hefty blast from the Warhound's weaponry (which was being sneakily controlled by the Necron Lord) before they could charge the Necrons. Even when Lysander crushed the Lord with his thunder hammer, the Necron leader had the cheek to re-contruct itself and re-enter the fight.

Chaos Terminators deep-striked into the battle near to the Warhound and opened fire with their combi-meltas, destroying it in a ball of fire. The Imperium's groans of defeat were short lived due to the use of the Replacements asset, as another Warhound joined the fray the very next turn, opening fire on the Chaos Terminators and getting revenge by wiping them out.

The Sergeant of a Marine Tac. squad could only reduce the traitor Shadowsword to 1 structure point using his power fist, failing to shift the machine from one of the objectives. More fire reduced the Stompa to 1 structure point, but no more damage could be done. Neither team had a troop choice claiming an objective at the end of a very close battle and it ended 0-0.

22nd November 2009

Space Marines (JIK) & Tau & Eldar (Stebloke) Vs. Chaos & Orks (Scooby) & Necrons (Gallear)

For the 6th Apocalypse battle we went for something a little different. Rather than have a battle ruled by large vehicles, we went for a massive 4000pt battle with no super heavies allowed. It ended up being Space Marines, Tau and Eldar against Chaos, Necrons and Orks (with a couple of slave Tau battlesuits). Also, there would be no objectives in this battle and we would just fight to obliterate the opposition.

Apocalypse Battle 6

On the western flank, the Chaos and Orks surged forward to attack the Space Marines and Eldar, as the Necrons advanced through the ruins trading fire with their enemies. The large Ork Boy mob charged into the Space Marine Scouts and butchered them, before return fire from Tactical Marines and Dire Avengers, guided by a Farseer, cut down many Orks in return. The Dire Avengers and the Farseer charged in to mop them up, but not before the Farseer fell to the Ork Nob and its power claw.

Nearby, the Warboss and his Nobz charged the Wave Serpent and smashed it to bits. The Fire Dragons inside jumped clear and returned fire, incinerating several of the Nobz, before being cut down by the charge of the Orks.

The Tau Broadsides and Hammerhead opened fire with their railguns, trying to thin the approaching tide, but their firepower was largely ineffective. Two of the Broadsides were cut down in reply. Chaos Obliterators attempted to deep strike behind the Hammerhead, but scattered off the board and were destroyed. Also having problems were the Space Marine Assault Squad and Chaplain, who were delayed and didn't arrive either.

Three Tactical combat squads attempted a crazy charge against the Nobz Bikers, and were nearly all wiped out. Nearby, the Chaos Land Raider approached the enemy lines and Kharn led a full squad of Khorne Beserkers out of it. The surviving Tactical Marines were joined by Karandras and his Striking Scorpions, who had just joined the battle, and the allies formed a counter charge. At the end of a firefight and a bloody close assault, Karandras and Kharn were the only ones left standing amongst the broken bodies of their allies.

In the ruins, the Necrons had advanced fairly untroubled, with even the Monolith dodging several railgun shots. A Guardian squad cut down the Scarab unit as it got close, but the other Necrons seriously withered down their opposition, with the Howling Banshees and Fire Warriors taking terrible casualties.

That's where the battle ended, with the forces of destruction turning the screw...

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