List Of Our Games

Last Updated: 2nd Feb 2020

Awkward Guests

2 to 8 players try to solve the murder of Mr. Walton. Has similarities to Cluedo but is a bit more complex.

Currently playable.

Buck Rogers: Battle For The 25th Century

Up to 6 players battle it out for control of the Solar System.

Has advanced rules that we have not tried yet.

Could potentially play it with 3 teams of 2, or 2 teams of 3.

Currently playable.

Cash 'n Guns

4-8 players take on the roll of gangsters trying to get the most loot by threatening to shoot each other.

Currently playable.


Up to 6 players (or up to 12 if we combine both sets) try to figure out the murder.

Currently playable.

Codenames / Codenames: Pictures

2 teams of players try and work out clues from their respective clue givers to try and find all their words or pictures before the other team.

Currently playable.


Up to 6 players can use bluffing to build up enough resources to assassinate all the other players.

Currently playable.

Deep Pockets

4-8 players play as corrupt politicians trying to make the most money by blackmailing and stealing.

Currently playable.

DC Deck Building Game

2-5 players build up decks of cards representing super hero teams.

The game is competitive, but I think it could work very easily as a team game, with either 3 teams of 2 or 2 teams of 3.

Attempts to write our own fully co-op rules have failed.

Currently playable.

Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks

2-4 players try to reach Gallifrey before the Daleks.

Currently playable.

Epic Spell Wars

2-6 players play as duelling wizards where spells are constructed from crazy cards.

Currently playable, but we could do with a couple of little house rules due to combining both different sets of the game.

Exploding Kittens / I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Daft little card game where up to 5 players draw cards until they are eliminated by drawing an exploding kitten.

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This is the Star Wars version of Exploding Kittens which also supports up to 8 players instead of 5.

Currently playable.


2 players or 2 teams of players control matchbox type vehicles in Mad Max-inspired death races.

Currently playable but rules need learning.


One player plays the shark versus up to three players who play the hunters in this hidden movement game. Cue lots of movie quotes and dun-dun dun-duns.

Currently playable.

King Of Tokyo / New York

Up to 6 players play as monsters duking it out in either Tokyo or New York.

It's easy enough to play New York with more players. Don't know about Tokyo.

We could at some point see if it's possible to combine both games.

Currently playable.

Marvel Legendary

Fully co-op game where up to 5 players build decks of superheroes to defeat the super villain.

Too easy with fewer players, especially with the villains in the base game.

Currently playable.


2-8 players. It's Monopoly. What other info could possibly be required?

Currently playable.

Munchkin Legends

Up to 6 players try and raise their character to level 10. Players can bargain for help against monsters but will usually end up stabbing each other in the back.

Currently playable.

Nuns On The Run

2 nuns try and find up to 6 novices who are sneaking through the abbey looking for their "secret wishes".

Currently playable, but very awkward unless people really pay attention. The dark board doesn't help.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Hidden role game for 3-10 players, where all kinds of crazy stuff can happen.

Probably better with a higher player count.

Currently playable.


2-4 players try and save the world from a bunch of diseases.

Currently playable, but I'd like to make a version that can handle more than 4 players.

Risk: Game Of Thrones

2-7 players try to take control of the most territory (skirmish mode) or claim 10 victory points (dominion mode).

Currently playable.


Up to 10 players take control of dwarves trying to mine for gold. Some players are hidden saboteurs who are trying to stop them.

Currently playable.

Secret Hitler

Hidden role game for 5-10 players. Some players are liberals who are trying to enact their policies or assassinate Hitler. Some players are fascists, including Hitler, who are trying to enact their policies or get Hitler elected later in the game.

Currently playable.

Stupid Deaths

True or false game for 2-6 players who must answer correctly to avoid the rapidly approaching Grim Reaper.

Currently playable.

Super Dungeon Explore

Dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash game. Original game has 1 player take control of the monsters versus up to 5 other players as the heroes.

Not currently playable: The official rules are sluggish and take forever. I'm still working on my own rules, which should make it faster, fully co-op and playable with more players.

Two Rooms And A Boom

Hidden role game for 6+ players who are split into red team and blue team. At the end of the last round, the reds want their bomber to be in the same room as the blue team's president, whereas the blues don't want that.

Currently playable, but you don't use the full rules unless you have more than 10 players.