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23rd March: Way Of The Brush

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29th October 2017

Did some work behind the scenes of the game blog page so that the game filters now work much better.

30th June 2017

A couple of months back I found loads of old notes about all the old Epic Space Marine games we played, starting from back when I was in high school. I thought it would be a good idea to type them all up as best I could, and upload them all. While I was at it, I also converted the Epic-S and 40K battle reports from their PDF state to HTML, and they can be found on the Warhammer 40K page.

16th May 2017

Finally got my pointing pictures up and into the Vault. Don't ask me why.

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This is where you can read any of my irregular wafflings about tabletop gaming.

16th March 2010 - Retinue

Glued together my Inquisitor's retinue, which consists of 2 Veteran Guardsmen (old plastic Stormtroopers), a Crusader, a Familiar and a Sage (the old Confessor model).

Inquisitor's Retinue

Inquisitor's Retinue

It is expected to be the Inquisitor Codex that gets the next upgrade so hopefully all these models will still be usable. Though I will like it if the Confessor gets its own rules again...
The drop pod is fully assembled, though I might have a look if I've got anything I can fix to its roof section as that bit looks a bit weird.
And I've finally got hold of some more black spray so will have to get back into painting mode sometime soon...