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24th August: Mixed Media Mayhem

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6th May 2019

It's been a long while since the story section last had any attention. A while back, I gave up on the idea of ever finishing my Star Wars stories, so instead have typed out a rough outline as to what may have happened during the rest of the saga. I've also expanded the names & characters section with images where possible.

29th October 2017

Did some work behind the scenes of the game blog page so that the game filters now work much better.

30th June 2017

A couple of months back I found loads of old notes about all the old Epic Space Marine games we played, starting from back when I was in high school. I thought it would be a good idea to type them all up as best I could, and upload them all. While I was at it, I also converted the Epic-S and 40K battle reports from their PDF state to HTML, and they can be found on the Warhammer 40K page.

Stebloke's V6 News

6th May 2019

It's been a long while since the story section last had any attention. A while back, I gave up on the idea of ever finishing my Star Wars stories, so instead have typed out a rough outline as to what may have happened during the rest of the saga. I've also expanded the names & characters section with images where possible.

29th October 2017

Did some work behind the scenes of the game blog page so that the game filters now work much better.

30th June 2017

A couple of months back I found loads of old notes about all the old Epic Space Marine games we played, starting from back when I was in high school. I thought it would be a good idea to type them all up as best I could, and upload them all. While I was at it, I also converted the Epic-S and 40K battle reports from their PDF state to HTML, and they can be found on the Warhammer 40K page.

16th May 2017

Finally got my pointing pictures up and into the Vault. Don't ask me why.

25th April 2017

Opened up a new section all for including stuff about the board game Super Dungeon Explore. There's not much in there yet until my own rules are finished, but hopefully will get some content in there soon.

7th January 2017

V6 reaches its final form, as I've added the right info bar for wider screens, as well as managing to update all the blog posts in fairly rapid time. Had the bright idea to write a script which went through the old blog posts and updated all the image tags for me, so I barely had to do any work in the end.

3rd January 2017

For the past few weeks I've been researching and implementing wholesale changes on the site, updating it so that it is at least a little bit mobile friendly, at long last. This is something I've wanted to do for the last couple of years, but I could never find the motivation to learn how to do it. Because of my laziness, Stebloke's V5 lasted four and a half years, more than double the life span of any previous versions of this site.
But V5 couldn't last forever, and it is with some relief that I update to V6.

It'll take a while to fully update all the pages to the new layout, as there are hundreds and hundreds of images in the game blogs that need tweaking, but I'll slowly grind those out over time. There's also one or two more little things I plan to add, but for now this will do.

Stebloke's V5 News

29th June 2016

The wargames section has been renamed to the tabletop games section, in preparation for a wider variety of gaming material.

25th May 2016

It was bothering me that the songs I had made in the last few years didn't sound to the same level as the newer ones, so I've created new mixes of Fantasy World and Not All Angels to bring them up to speed.
Go to the music page to give them a listen.
That should be it for my involvement in any music for the considerable future. Gotta get around to other things that need finishing first...

14th May 2016

So, I've finally finished four songs I've been working on since last year sometime, called With A View Of A World, Crowd Control, Evelynn, and The Chosen Two. Though I still can't get music to sound as good as I'd like, they are without doubt the best ones I've done yet.
Go to the music page to give them a listen.

7th December 2015

Even though we are approaching the 20th anniversary of the creation of LLAP-Goch Productions, I saw no reason to keep hold of the domain any longer and have let it expire.

18th November 2015

Just finished making maps for Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. Let's see if they can be as popular as the others...

30th August 2015

It's the first song that's been completed in quite a while, but Tangle With The Dead is ready for your ears. Hopefully there'll be more on the way soon.

30th April 2015

It's been a while since I last tabbed a song, so I tried to figure out a fairly simple one to get back into the habit. It's When We Stand Together, by Nickelback.

20th February 2015

The site was offline for over a week last month when traffic to the site rocketed up, using half my transfer limit in 3 days. It looks like this was mostly due to the re-release of Resident Evil, as a lot of people were downloading my maps. Shouldn't be an issue going forward, as I've upgraded my hosting plan.
This last week, I've had a tidy up in the Warhammer 40,000 page, and have added the first new battle report since we were at Warhammer World over 3 years ago.

8th January 2015

Over the last few months I've been slowly putting together some things for a new wargaming page. This one is all about the world of Warhammer, and will contain anything we get up to in that setting. I've even typed up the first battle report I ever made, back in the early 90s. That was a blast from the past.

15th October 2014

It's been nine years since I last wrote and recorded a brand new song, but finally the wait is over. It's called Not All Angels, written about the champion Morgana from the computer game League Of Legends. Sounds alright except for my singing. Again.

10th August 2014

Created a new page just for me to dump my pathetic attempts at creating artwork.

25th May 2014

A fair bit of work has gone into the wargames section over the last few days, with the first big blog entry for quite some time and the merging of the Epic page into the 40K page. I figured it was the best idea, with Epic Space Marine, Epic-S, Warhammer 40K and (hopefully soon) 40K-S all sharing fluff and information.

8th May 2014

I worked out Vi's theme from League Of Legends a little while back, and I couldn't leave it without also having a bash at the theme for her nemesis, Jinx. So here's the tab to Get Jinxed, and you can again see me try and play it in this Youtube vid.

14th April 2014

Managed to make a new little puzzle/game thing in the shape of a word search. Click here to try it. Javascript is required to do so.

17th March 2014

The 8th tab goes up in the music section. Wow, I work so fast. This time it's Collecting Casualties, by a band called Running The Risk. I've also re-recorded Fantasy World as I was really disappointed with the one I did a couple of years back.

8th December 2013

What's this? Another new tab just a few months after the last one? Something strange must be happening. This time, it's a song from the League Of Legends computer game. Yes of course, it's Vi's awesome theme song. What else was it going to be? Click here to view it, and get ready to punch people through the roof. You can even see me try and play it in this Youtube video.

31st October 2013

After finally getting around to recording new music for my Fighter game, I've been able to upload its final and last update. This version turns the game into a single player game by adding A.I., and also adds new sound effects. Download the program by heading to this page.

18th August 2013

After another large tab break I've finally added another new one. This time it's Fly On The Wall by Thunder.

19th April 2013

Blood Bowl returns for a 6th season, and the first mini-tournament is complete. The document with info in it can be downloaded here.

20th March 2013

In honour of its first entry for months, the wargame blog has been updated with the functionality that the computer game blog recently received.

13th March 2013

The first playable version of my Fighter game has been uploaded to my game page.

4th March 2013

Yet another attempt to learn something new has yielded some results. I think. Using the almighty Javascript I have created my own Sudoku game, which you can play here.

2nd March 2013

Some little updates have been added to my game blog for its first birthday. You can now use the menu to select individual entries to view. Ahh, the joys of Javascript written by PHP.

15th February 2013

With it increasingly unlikely that the Blood Bowl League Of Doom will be continued, the document has been updated with the last two games we played, the last one of which was played in Sep 2011.

10th January 2013

Fixed The Noog Game so that pressing a browser's back button does not allow things to go all strange.

2nd December 2012

Everlasting becomes song number six that we've finished.

12th October 2012

We've just completed another song. This one's called Show Us Your Scars.

4th October 2012

We've just completed another song. This one's called Go To Sleep.

29th July 2012

Finally! I've actually managed to get around to expanding the Noog Game. Now you can fully explore the newer dark spooky forest areas that I started to add back in April 2011. There are also two new endings, that are much more challenging to find than the two classic endings. There are also a couple of places that are open for even further expansion, but I must admit it is very unlikely I will ever get around to doing more.

24th July 2012

All the other pages are now updated, which really hasn't taken me anywhere near as long as I thought it would. So I guess this is it: Stebloke's V5. Rock on.

Stebloke's V4 News

21st July 2012

The Stories, Music and Wargames pages have all had their updates. Also, we've just completed Softly Softly, the latest song we've managed to record.

20th July 2012

I have just decided to update the site to HTML5. This will be a slow process, altering one page at a time whenever I can be bothered rather than update everything at once like I've done in the past. I will also be hammerin' and bangin' out new CSS layout ideas, so by the time everything is HTML5 I will also have nailed down the layout and Stebloke's V4 will be no more, and instead will be Stebloke's V5! Pure awesomeness, I think you'll agree.
I've added a brand new page to be the first one to get the HTML5 treatment. This page is the Vault. Many things, old and new alike, will be dumped in the Vault. It's just gonna be a place to put worthless stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.

23rd May 2012

Have updated the Wargames work in progress page (which itself was initially created from all the old article pages) so that it is now a blog that works in the same way as the newer computer gaming blog.

25th April 2012

For the last couple of weeks I've been working like a rabid hamster on maps for Resident Evil 2, and the first versions of these are now uploaded. I still need to try loads of different things, so the maps will be tweaked and updated as I learn more about the game, but for now I've run out of steam a little bit.

6th April 2012

As I no longer play WoW, having two pages on this site seemed a bit daft. So instead, I've combined them both into one simpler page in the form of an overall narrative of my adventures.

8th March 2012

Just recently I've been involved in recording some ass-kickin' rock! Two of these songs are now finished and uploaded. They are Go Go Fantastico and Burn Up.

2nd March 2012

After hardly any computer game activity during 2011, I've recently got the bug again. This got me thinking about how to incorporate these adventures onto this site. Rather than make a whole bunch of new pages I decided to make a bloggy thing to ramble about anything computer gamey.

10th February 2012

Added a page for including stuff about the computer game Dawn Of War. It's something I've been thinking about for some years but never got around to, probably as I thought it wasn't worth it. But now I've done it anyway. I'm nuts like that.

22nd December 2011

Upped the report of the battle we had on our first trip to Warhammer World.

25th October 2011

Added my first new guitar tab in quite a while, Burn It To The Ground by Nickelback.

17th October 2011

The Warhammer 40K page has had a tidy up and some piccies added.

22nd August 2011

Re-organised the Wargames pages and added some new Star Player pics to the new Blood Bowl page.

13th August 2011

My adventure through the original Resident Evil is over and all the maps are now uploaded.

6th August 2011

The second round of matches in the Blood Bowl League Of Doom are complete.

31st July 2011

Managed to get The Noog Game working again without the need to log in or use the database.

25th July 2011

Having a bit of a Resident Evil fad at the minute for some unknown reason, and have added a Resident Evil area to upload pointless shite.

24th July 2011

My host is soon to disable the mail() function, so I've had to disable registering, logging in, and playing The Noog Game until I can figure something else out. Punks.

17th July 2011

Have uploaded "Funky Island", a totally unseen old LLAP-Goch sketch. The sketch was filmed for inclusion in the production-that-wasn't, "everything=nothing".

8th July 2011

I've only gone and recorded my first song for over 6 years. It's a re-record of a 2001 song called Fantasy World. Didn't sound too bad either until I started to sing on it.

4th July 2011

A bunch of new (or should that be old) scenes and sketches have been added to the LLAP-Goch Flimmed section, mainly because Doogle said I had to.

24th May 2011

The story section makes its reappearance, along with a new version of my old Star Wars story from many years ago. I also have plans for a few more short stories, but I gotta get some music stuff out of my system first.

11th April 2011

Continuing my efforts to learn a little more PHP & MySQL, I have redesigned the old LLAP-Goch Productions text adventure game "The Woog Game." This new version "The Noog Game" can be found here.
This version will eventually be developed further than its original form.

5th April 2011

Rock on! Version 4 of this almighty (almighty shit) website is uploaded. Been mainly using it as an introduction to the basics of MySQL at long last.

Stebloke's V3 News

26th March 2011

Updated a lot of the random page images, and have uploaded the LLAP-Goch Productions Sketchpad 2000 VHS box cover.

22nd March 2011

A rare update for the LLAP-Goch Productions page, as some of the info has been re-organised, a new Productioneer image has been added, and have added some info about the DVD editions.

22nd February 2011

Unfortunately today I came to realise something while skimming through the very lightweight story section: my imagination is far more powerful than my motivation, and all those stories I have in my head have just never made it onto paper or screen. As I can't see that changing, I have removed the story section. There was little point to it.
You're gutted as you read this, I can tell.

4th February 2011

The Wargames Gallery has been updated with new pics. Updates include the newly fully painted Epic Nurgle force and the much older 90s Blood Bowl star players.

2nd February 2011

The first round of matches in the new(ish) Blood Bowl League Of Doom are complete. Click here to read about them.

23rd January 2011

The Skumsplattaz page has had a few more pics and vids, and re-organised the Wargames Work In Progress Page slightly.

10th December 2010

The Wargames Gallery has had a fair update, with Epic Tyranids, Titan Legions and Space Wolves.

2nd December 2010

Made massive changes to the site, nuking and streamlining nearly every page, making this version 3 of the site.

Stebloke's V2 News

26th November 2010

Movin' slowly on the site at the moment, but have recently totally finished painting a couple of Blood Bowl teams and slapped images in to that section.

18th September 2010

Have used some simple PHP tricks to add a little more functionality to two of the site's pages. In the wargames Works In Progress page you can now filter the information depending on what game system you want to read about. And in the Skumsplattaz World Of Warcraft page you can click on a few of the character portraits to open up profile pages about those characters, which will only show you information regarding the character you have chosen.

11th September 2010

In preparation for more Blood Bowl games I've typed up all our old results from back in the 90s.

12th August 2010

The Imperial Guard have received some attention in the Epic-S page and the Wargame Armies page. Also, converted the old Epic-S battle reports to downloadable pdf files, and also updated our one and only Blood Bowl game report to include new re-designed maps.

5th July 2010

Been working like a demented little beaver for the last three days sorting out some new navigation bits for the site. Any menu section you click on should now remain highlighted to act as a reminder of where you are at any one time. Also, if you navigate futher down the levels some "breadcrumbs" should appear in the top of the page.
Also, broke up and recreated the Wargames section again, putting each wargame back into its own dedicated page. Better that way.

4th June 2010

For some strange reason made a higher resolution test lightsaber fight, and also made the background sit still. Annoying background, up and down all the time.

27th April 2010

Have wanted to change hosts for quite a while, as the one I've been with the past couple of years has always been a bit iffy. This culminated recently with a massive amount of downtime of over a week, with no end in sight. So to that end I've finally pulled my finger out and slapped the site somewhere else. I've even now got MySQL capabilites. Silly games ahoy methinks!

6th April 2010

Several mini-updates in the last few weeks, all in the Warhammer 40,000 page: The gallery, a new Storm Tigers "On The Prowl" article, a new Kaloris Campaign report, and the first rumblings of our new 5th Edition Necron Codex.

5th March 2010

Have added a totally unseen sketch to the LLAP-Goch Productions section. The sketch was created for inclusion in the production-that-wasn't "everything=nothing". You can view this scene by clicking here.

27th February 2010

Re-organised most of the wargames section so that it's easier to find things.

28th January 2010

Added two new tabs (or should that be one and a half) into the Guitar Tabs page. I started Thunder's "Low Life In High Places" ages ago but have never gotten around to finishing it. Thought I'd finally slap what I'd done so far on the site while I was making and uploading a tab for Def Leppard's "Ring Of Fire", which I think is all there other than the solo. I can't do solos.

7th January 2010

A bunch of new Space Marine pics have been herded into the W40K Gallery by a strange looking sheep dog.

28th December 2009

There are the first few images of Tyranids and Witch Hunters in the W40K Gallery.

14th November 2009

Well those rumblings soon developed into something, and the site re-design is complete.
Behold, Stebloke's Website Version 2! You lucky people.

Stebloke's V1 News

10th November 2009

The About Stebloke bit has been given an update, and there are rumblings in places that rumble that it is getting time for a site redesign.

4th November 2009

(Probably) the last update ever has been done for the World Of Warcraft page. There are also a few minor updates to some of the Wargame Articles.

30th August 2009

The page about my Space Marines has been updated with full 40K army information.

13th August 2009

The site has been offline for about a week after my host decided to trial adverts on all their sites, which completely naffed up my layout. I am currently looking for a new host for when the adverts are made permanent in November.

14th June 2009

I have started a page containing several of the old song demos I was involved in making when I used to be in a couple of bands. You can listen to them and read about them here.

12th June 2009

A new page has been added that has been on the cards for months but I haven't been arsed til now to make it. It's about all the recurring names and themes I use in stories and games and stuff.

7th June 2009

Some long awaited updates in the World Of Warcraft Skumsplattaz page.

31st March 2009

Had a slight re-organize of the Wargames section, adding a new Articles page, which now contains the old terrain page, and will contain many more. Hopefully....

12th February 2009

Finally got around to making a second Epic-S battle report which you can read here. It features the newly painted Khorne army against a force of Tyranids.

6th February 2009

The Chaos forces of Khorne have the not-so-honourable honour of being the first 6mm army I've ever fully painted. This momentous occasion has been saved as images which you can see here.

5th February 2009

Just started to update the Warhammer 40K Gallery, and hopefully soon will be doing the same for Epic-S.

9th November 2008

Mainly due to my internet connection being down for a while, I've been able to do quite a few updates. There are more pics and movies in the World of Warcraft section, the Blood Bowl section has had a huge makeover with brand new gallery and our old game report from the mid 90s, I've opened a new Warhammer 40K gallery for us to stick pictures from our games in, and the almighty Wild Land returns as its first story is finally complete.

14th October 2008

The second guitar tab is up, over a year after I did the first one lol. This time I've gone all nostalgic and tabbed a song called Too Much To Dream, from an old TV show called California Dreams. To view it, click here.

9th October 2008

Finally figured out something else to go on my home page - an image that links you to another section of the site, which is randomly generated each time you visit. Still not brave enough to try databases though...

20th August 2008

I've finally managed to add lots of movie files today. The test lightsaber fight me and my bro did a few years ago has been added to the story page, and the LLAP-Goch trailers are now viewable from the LLAP-Goch Productions page.

19th August 2008

All the old Toybitus web-comics are back online. As well as those, there is an all new web-comic based on the first ever LLAP-Goch Production ever flimmed - Fiendish Creation. Click here to view it.

1st August 2008

Most of the LLAP-Goch Productions pages are back online.

2nd July 2008

Uploaded the World Of LLAP-Goch section again. The LLAP-Goch Productions stuff will be separate, and will take a lot longer to fit into this new format.

30th June 2008

Got the story section back up and running. I know there's not a lot in there yet, but who really cares?

2nd May 2008

The site has gone through a complete re-design from the bottom up. Out of the ashes of the old Steveo's Website rises the all new Stebloke's Website. The change of name is extremely important, for reasons which I might make up at some point in the future. It might be a while until all the old sections are uploaded again, but it does mean Dangerous will have to work even harder to catch up with my site re-designs.