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16th May 2017

Finally got my pointing pictures up and into the Vault. Don't ask me why.

25th April 2017

Opened up a new section all for including stuff about the board game Super Dungeon Explore. There's not much in there yet until my own rules are finished, but hopefully will get some content in there soon.

7th January 2017

V6 reaches its final form, as I've added the right info bar for wider screens, as well as managing to update all the blog posts in fairly rapid time. Had the bright idea to write a script which went through the old blog posts and updated all the image tags for me, so I barely had to do any work in the end.

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You Can Not Be Serious

LLAP-Goch Productions

Welcome to the LLAP-Goch Productions archive. This section contains all the information you could ever hope to know about amateur comedy film makers LLAP-Goch Productions, who were active from 1996 to 2002.

Brief History

LLAP-Goch Productions were formed in the summer of 1996, when the two crazy fools, Doogle and Sven, spied the awesome LLAP-Goch Master in "The Brand New Monty Python Bok".

Between then and 2000, LLAP-Goch made numerous Productions, including "The Codgetation" magazine and several small text adventure games such as "The Woog Game" and "Noopin' Dust".

But there is no doubt that it was the crazy amateur films (or "flims" in LLAP-Goch speak) that made LLAP-Goch Productions the household name they became. Who will ever forget the insanity of the sock thefts in "The Adventures Of Detective Cronkshonk", or the confusion behind the missing bog roll in "Indescribable Day"?
The awesome "Sketchpad 2000" set new standards in style and presentation, with all the old insanity still there and more.

But even though work started on the long awaited follow up, "everything=nothing", the team struggled to finish it, and in May 2002 the LLAP-Goch team decided to end all flim making.

Despite this, the volume and silliness of the characters that had been created inspired the invention of the World Of LLAP-Goch, which tied all of the Productions together into one nicely stupid final package.

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