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4th June 2022: I Couldn't Code

So, it turns out my coding skills are not up to much, as I discovered recently that it was possible to create invalid combinations on the new filter page I created back in October.

So I spent most of yesterday completely remaking the PHP and Javascript that creates and controls all the possible filters.

And now it works again. Or, it actually works. Finally.

3rd October 2021: Can I Code?

There's been a bit of a lull in my efforts to make content for this site over the last few weeks as I've been working on a big backend update.

The whole point of the update was to make the filters page a bit more useful. Unfortunately, this meant re-writing nearly all of the code on the site. Not that this was a bad thing, as the code had become quite messy due to all the little fiddles and ferrets I had done to it over the last couple of years.

But now it's all done, and multiple filters can now be selected, meaning it's possible to better control and fine-tune which blog entries you want to see.

29th September 2019: Website Version 7 Launch

This year has been a slow one for this website, and for all my hobbies in general. But a few weeks back I randomly decided to do something that will hopefully give me more motivation in the coming weeks and months.

Previous versions of this site contained a bunch of static pages, as well as blogs for computer gaming, tabletop gaming and art. What I've noticed is that, over the last few years, my attention has switched from creating and updating the individual pages to just adding new blog posts.

To that end, I decided to remake the site from the ground up, and make it act almost entirely as a blog, by combining all the old blogs together, and removing all of the individual pages.

During the big change, I did a lot of work completely separating the site content from the way it is presented, meaning that if I ever do another big redesign I won't have to go through all the individual files and change divs and image tags. I'll just have to modify some code and some css and I'll be sorted.

The switch to version 7 means that, as of now, a great many things that had their own pages on the old site no longer exist. I'll try and reintegrate the important stuff using <Old Stuff> blog entries in the near future. One or two other very specific things may be given their own pages at some point, but if they don't then I obviously don't find them important enough to exist online any more.

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