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16th May 2017

Finally got my pointing pictures up and into the Vault. Don't ask me why.

25th April 2017

Opened up a new section all for including stuff about the board game Super Dungeon Explore. There's not much in there yet until my own rules are finished, but hopefully will get some content in there soon.

7th January 2017

V6 reaches its final form, as I've added the right info bar for wider screens, as well as managing to update all the blog posts in fairly rapid time. Had the bright idea to write a script which went through the old blog posts and updated all the image tags for me, so I barely had to do any work in the end.

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You Can Not Be Serious

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This is where you can read any of my irregular wafflings about computer gaming. The whole point of this blog is to help motivate me to properly finish games, whether they be recent ones or older ones I played when I was younger that I never managed to beat.

5th March 2012 - More STO Bugs

Frustrating things have been happening on STO. On several away missions I've lost my ability to attack or use any items or skills. So I've had to go through the missions luring enemies into traps that I'd set up using the rest of my away team. Also, I teamed up with Mr. Gallear for a story episode, and when we got to the end it completed the mission for me but not for him, so he had to go and do it all again. Really, that game could be very good, but there are more bugs in it than a Microsoft OS.