Stebloke Welcome to Stebloke's Website.

This site contains information about the things I create and get involved in, as I struggle to find time to persue all my hobbies.

The site contains many weird and wonderful(not) things, and is the home of the awesome LLAP-Goch Productions archive.

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29th June 2016
The wargames section has been renamed to the tabletop games section, in preparation for a wider variety of gaming material.
25th May 2016
It was bothering me that the songs I had made in the last few years didn't sound to the same level as the newer ones, so I've created new mixes of Fantasy World and Not All Angels to bring them up to speed.
Go to the music page to give them a listen.
That should be it for my involvement in any music for the considerable future. Gotta get around to other things that need finishing first...
14th May 2016
So, I've finally finished four songs I've been working on since last year sometime, called With A View Of A World, Crowd Control, Evelynn, and The Chosen Two. Though I still can't get music to sound as good as I'd like, they are without doubt the best ones I've done yet.
Go to the music page to give them a listen.
7th December 2015
Even though we are approaching the 20th anniversary of the creation of LLAP-Goch Productions, I saw no reason to keep hold of the domain any longer and have let it expire.
On a brighter note, just added a new style that is all beach inspired.
18th November 2015
Just finished making maps for Resident Evil Code: Veronica X. Let's see if they can be as popular as the others...

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